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March 2017 Vol. 5(2), pp. 011-019
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The Role of the Pastoral Identity in Resisting the Colonial Urbanism: A study in the Intertexuality between "Seattle's Speech" and Mahmoud Darweesh's Poem

Dr. khaleel Qatanani

Islamic Daawa College / Palestine


Accepted 27 February 2017


This paper reveals a number of pastoral mirrors and its effects on establishing the national identity as illustrated in Mahmoud Darweesh's poem "Speech of the Red Indian". This purpose is basically achieved through digging up and peering into the strategies of intertexuality with "Speech of Chief Seattle" before the representative of the U.S government. Undoubtedly, the two texts have an obvious affinity regarding the mutual  dialectic relationship between the internal and the external, the personal and the political. Thus, the pastoral reactions mingled with these conflicts came to uncover the fragmented individual. In addition, both Seattle and Darweesh adopted  the self- pastoral approach as a poetic constant to be transformed then to  a patriotic state, which will, in turn, mobilize general humanistic support.

Keywords:  Pastoral concept, the national identity, colonialism, humanitism

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