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January 2013 Vol. 2(1): pp. 029-033

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Effects of Moringa (Moringa oleifera) leaf powder and dawadawa (Parkia biglobosa), on sensory characteristics and nutritional quality of frankfurter-type sausages – A preliminary study.

Teye, G.A., Baffoe, F. and Teye, M.


Animal Science Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University for Development Studies, Tamale, Ghana

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail:

Accepted 10 December, 2012



Dawadawa (Parkia biglobosa) seed powder and Moringa (Moringa oleifera) leaf meal are commonly used in Ghana as flavouring agents in local dishes. This study was conducted to determine the effects of these local food flavouring agents on sensory characteristics and nutritional qualities of frankfurter-type sausages. The sausages were formulated in a Completely Randomized Design, where dawadawa and moringa leaf meal were added at three levels of inclusions (2g, 4g and 6g/kg meat), and were compared with standard sausages. Sensory and chemical analyses were conducted on the products to determine their acceptability and nutritional quality. Dawadawa up to 6g/kg meat had no effect on sensory characteristics and acceptability of products. However, it improved the crude protein, but had no effect on the fat content of the products. Moringa up to 6g/kg meat imparted (P<0.05) green colouration to the products, but did not have significant (P>0.05) effect on flavour and acceptability. The moringa products however, had improved (P<0.01) crude protein and reduced (P<0.05) fat contents. Dawadawa inclusion up to 6g/kg meat did not have much impact on the products. The benefits may be realized if the levels are increased beyond 6g/kg meat. Moringa leaf powder could be used in meat products if the green colouration could be masked, to make the product more appealing to the consumer.

Keywords: Moringa, Dawadawa, frankfurter sausages, spices, flavouring agents.



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