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January 2013 Vol. 2(1): pp. 001-006

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Evaluation of aqueous neem seed extract and cypermethrin, in the management of cowpea pod-sucking bug Clavigralla Tomentosicollis Stal (hemiptera: coreidae) in the Nigerian Guinea Savanna.


Kabeh, J.D.


Agronomy Department Taraba State University Jalingo


Accepted 01 October, 2012



The study evaluates the protective efficacies of ANSE on a susceptible cowpea variety, Kanannado, against the pod sucking bug Clavigrallatomentosicollis Stal. (Hemiptera:Coreidae). Two concentrations of 5% and 10% ANSE were used in comparisonto a standard and untreated checkin 2007 and 2008 cropping season. Field layout was in RCBD, with pest sampling intervalas the main plot while pesticides application at pod formation the subplot.It is evident from the study that significant level of protection were achieved, with 10% ANSE outperformingthe 5% concentration, while efficacies of Cypercal and 10% ANSE were not significantly different. Botanical pesticides had competed favorablywith most synthetics in increasing yield efficiency of most field crops. Thus grain yield of Kanannado, between 731.25-1262.5kg/ha was significantly below the expected yield efficiency;similarly the seed weight was significantly low.At 10% concentration, the ANSE significantly protected the cowpea against Clavigralla bugs, as reported in other comparative studies with equal efficacy as the Cypercal ®. The implication ofClavigralla bugs prevalence and the role of ANSE limiting cowpea yield loss were discussed.

Keywords: kanannado variety, Clavigralla bugs, aqueous neem seed extract, cowpea yield losses.





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