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January 2015 Vol. 4(1): pp. 001-005

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An overview of the fungal diseases of vegetables in Sokoto State, Nigeria

1Salau, I. A and 2Shehu, K


* Department of Biology, Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto Nigeria

**Department of Biological sciences, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto Nigeria

 *Corresponding Email:;

Tel: No. +234(0)8053569551.


Accepted 08 December, 2014


Fungi constitute a major problem in the production, storage and processing of agricultural products especially Vegetable crops. Vegetables belonging to the families’ cucurbitaceae, brassicaceae and solanaceae are important due to their nutritional as well as economical values. However, the farmers face heavy yield losses both in quality and quantity of these crops due to damage as a result of various diseases caused by fungal pathogens. Different pathogens were found to be associated with the various angiospermic diseases of vegetables. Diseases develop through soil-borne, above-ground infections and in some instances are transmitted through insect feeding. Although some general review on the fungal diseases of vegetables have been compiled by different workers. However, no comprehensive review is available on the fungal disease of vegetables in Sokoto north-western Nigeria. The present review gives inclusive information regarding various pathological aspects of the fungal disease, causes and management strategies opted for pre and post harvest diseases of vegetables in Sokoto. 

Keywords: Review, Fungi, Vegetables, Disease.

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