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January 2017 Vol. 6(1): pp. 001-006
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Management Strategies of Plantain Suckers against Parasitic Nematodes and Banana / Plantain Weevil for Optimum Vegetative Growth

Oso, A. A. and Longe, O. O.


Department of Crop, Horticulture and Landscape Design, Ekiti State University, Ado- Ekiti, Nigeria.


Accepted 16 January, 2017



Plant parasitic nematodes and stem borers have been implicated as the two main biotic factors responsible for yield decline in plantain orchard. Nematodes distort the transport of nutrients and water from roots to the plantain stem, while stem borers feed on the corm and create tunnels that cause weakening and subsequent toppling of the plant. Preparation of suckers through proper hygiene and good cultural practices reduces the occurrence of nematodes and stem borers in newly established orchards. A field experiment was carried out at the Teaching and Research Farm, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti to investigate the comparative effects of different cultural strategies on the establishment of two plantain cultivars. The trial was arranged in a split-plot design of four treatments replicated three times. Two plantain cultivars (False horn and True horn) served as the main plot while the different sanitation methods (boiling water, red acalypha leaf extract, furadan and control) were the sub-plots. Data collected include pseudostem height and girth, length and width of youngest leaf, number of functional and non- functional leaves. Data collected were subjected to analysis of variance and the differences between treatments were separated using Duncan Multiple Range Test. Boiling water treatment produced the best vegetative growth followed by red acalypha leaf extract. Treatment of suckers with furadan was least in performance among the cultural strategies used. Results indicate that boiling water and red acalypha leaf extract have great potential for use by farmers in decontaminating infested suckers and other planting materials as well as promoting the vegetative growth of plantain. 

Keywords: Plantain suckers, parasitic nematodes, stem borers, management strategies.


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