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October 2012 Vol. 1(8), pp 210-215
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An Assessment on Factors Affecting Urban Vegetable Production in Harare, Zimbabwe

Chagwiza Godfrey a*,  Zivenge Emmanuel a, Chivuraise Chipo a , Munyati Vincenta, Joseph P Musaraa.

a Bindura University of Science Education, Department of Agricultural Science Bag 1020 Bindura, Zimbabwe.

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail:

Accepted 20 September, 2012


Urban agriculture has become increasingly important to the residents of Zimbabwe’s cities.  We conducted a survey on the factors affecting urban vegetable production in Harare, Zimbabwe.  Our goal was to assess the characteristics of Zimbabwe’s participants in urban agriculture and the effectiveness of NGO and government initiatives promoting urban agriculture so as to assist poverty alleviation policy makers. Data was gathered from the archives of 10 Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Stepwise multiple linear regression model and K- means cluster were used to analyze the data gathered. Results showed that income, home ownership, sex, age, and market as a primary source of vegetables significantly affect residents’ likelihood to participate in urban vegetable production. In the case of urban youth, it was found that this group is not likely to participate in urban vegetable production, even though they are the intended beneficiaries of many NGO programs promoting the activity.  In addition, it was found that non-homeowners are not participating in urban vegetable production even though this is a low income group that could benefit from participation.

Keywords: Urban vegetable production, Harare residents.


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