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October 2013 Vol. 2(10): pp. 276-282

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Screening of some genotypes of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. (Walp) against Bacterial Blight caused by Xanthomonas compestris  Pv. Translucens

* Hayatu1 M., 2Kutama, A. S, 2Aisha, W.A., and S., 3Nura


1Department of Plant Biology, Bayero University, Kano

2Department of Biological Sciences, Fedaral University, Dutse

3School of Remedial Sciences, Ahmadu Bello University,Funtua

*Corresponding Author’s Email:;


Accepted 22 October, 2013



An experiment  was conducted in the screen house of IITA, Kano State to screen some cowpea genotypes for bacterial blight. The following parameters were measured during the trial; chlorophyll content, number days to 50% flowering, disease incident (%) and disease severity. From the results it is clear that at 42 days after inoculation (when the disease was more severe) variety IT08K-180-11 recorded the least chlorophyll SPAD values and IT07K-187-55 had the highest chlorophyll SPAD values. The results also showed that bacterial blight does not have effect (p≥0.05) on number of days to flowering of the cowpea genotypesbecause the flowering days of both inoculated and non inoculated varieties were very close. It was also concluded that the disease incidence was not directly related to the disease severity because some genotypes with 100% incidence only have 2% severity by rank the scale of 1-5 in the severity score and somegenotypes have 4 (severe) while some genotypes had 1 (free) in the severity score.   

Keywords: Bacterial Blight,  Cowpea, Screening.



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