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October 2015 Vol. 4(10): pp. 677-686
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y-Irradiation and Maillard reaction products (MRPs) effect on phenolic content, antiradical and volatile compounds of Sewi dates

Santos Magdalena Herrera Gallo1*, Aslam Díaz Castillo2, Geovanny Muñoz Rodríguez1,  Italo Espinoza Guerra1,  José Miguel Romero Romero and Tito Solís Barros1


a: Chemistry of Flavour and aroma Department, National Research center, Egypt.

b : Food Irradiation Dept., National Centre for Radiation Research and Technology, Egypt

*Corresponding Author’s Email:; Tel: 01223817753; Fax: +20237625478. 

Accepted 26 September, 2015


This study was to determine the influence of y-irradiation at 1.0 kGy and maillard reaction products (MRPs) derived from cysteine/glucose on the selected quality parameters, namely phenolic content, antiradical activity, polyphenoloxidae inhibition, sensory evaluation and volatile compounds of Egyptian Sewi date palm fruits (SDPFs) during storage for three months at various temperatures. The total phenolic content of the treated samples ranged from 0.30 to 0.38 mg/g in y-irradiation at 25 0C and in MRPs at -18 0C, respectively after three months of storage. MRPs showed higher antioxidant activity during storage at all temperatures applied in this study compared to y-irradiation. However, sensory properties were not affected by y-irradiation significantly, MRPs treatment revealed unpleasant taste. The main volatile compounds positively identified in the date palm fruit were ethyl acetate (18.4%), ethyl benzoate(7.31%), benzaldehyde (4.14%), furfural (2.37%), while linalool (5.34%).

Keywords:  Sewi date, irradiation, MRPs, antiradical activity, volatile compounds.

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