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October 2016 Vol. 5(10): pp. 361-382
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Edible Films: Properties, Industrial Applications and Salvia Hispanica as Material for their Development

Ine Mayday Salazar Vega and Maira Rubi Segura Campos*


Facultad de Ingeniería Química, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Periférico Norte Km. 33.5, Tablaje Catastral 13615, Col. Chuburná de Hidalgo Inn, 97203. Mérida, Yucatán, México.


Accepted 09 August, 2016



Chia is a millenary culture, but with the passage of time, its use fell by the wayside. It was at the end of the last century that the interest in the chia was resurrected. The majority of studies have focused on obtaining and evaluating its oil since it was recognized as one of the best known sources of fatty acids ω-instituted, such as the essential linolenic acids and linoleic acid. However, this seed could be exploited fully since it has good protein level comparable with legumes such as lentils and cereals such as wheat. Also, the amount of fiber is abundant and, to be moisturized, you can retrieve a gelatinous substance called mucilage. The components mentioned earlier (protein and mucilage) can be used as materials for the preparation of edible films, which have the ability to act as a whole to improve the overall quality of many foods (especially the freshness), extend their shelf-life, and improve the mechanical properties and handling, as well as the nutritional characteristics. To determine the purpose of edible films, it is important to evaluate their properties which depend, among another factors, on the type of material used. Thus, the purpose of this review is that the reader knows the nutritive components of chia seed as an alternative to the development of edible films, as well as some variables that influence the formation of films and the most important features by which to evaluate them in order to define the application in the food industry. 

Keywords: Salvia hispanica; proteins; mucilage; films.


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