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October 2016 Vol. 5(10): pp. 382-390
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Response of Mungbean (Vigna radiata) To Different levels of density and weed management in Lorestan Province

Abdolreza Ahmadi


Assistant Professor of Weeds Control, Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Lurestan University of  Khorramabad.


Accepted 01 April, 2016



Symbiotic associations between endomycorrhiza and crops can provide several benefits to the host crops. An investigation was conducted to assess the impact of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) inoculation on seed germination, overall growth (growth rate and percentage) and the general morphology of barley and wheat plants. The experiment demonstrated that the height was significantly higher in barley plants grown in soil inoculated with AMF (45.0±1.6 cm versus 30.8±0.9 cm for those grown in non-inoculated soil; p=0.014). Similarly, stem and root length were significantly higher in barley plants grown in AMF-inoculated soil (p=0.009 and 0.04, respectively). Further, dry shoots of plants grown in AMF-inoculated soil weighed significantly more than those grown in non-inoculated soil (1.020±0.015 g versus 0.353±0.015 g for plants grown in non-inoculated soil; p=0.002). The dry shoots and dry roots of barley plants grown in AMF-inoculated soil weighed significantly more than those of plants grown in non-inoculated soil (p=0.0006 and 0.009, respectively). Both the growth rate and percentage were increased in AMF-inoculated wheat plants. A similar increase in growth rate was observed in barley plants inoculated with AMF (P<0.005). Overall, inoculation with AMF was beneficial in increasing plant growth parameters and plant biomass. 

Keywords: Mung‌ bean, yield, Weed, Plant density, Khoramabad.


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