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November 2012 Vol. 1(9), pp 275-278
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Effect of Bud Wood Age, Budding Height and Stock Looping, On Bud Take in Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis L.) Var. Pine Apple

*Muhammad Ishfaq, **Rana Mazher Abbas and ***Idrees Ahmad Nasir

*Department of Botany, University of the Punjab, Lahore-54590.

**Institute of Horticulture, University of Agriculture-Faisalabad.

***Center of Excellence in Molecular Biology, University of the Punjab, Lhaore-54590

*Corresponding authors E-mail:

Accepted 05 September, 2012


This research was carried out in order to study the effect of budding height, bud wood age and stock lopping at different dates, on the success of sprouting. The work was performed at the fruit plant nursery, department of Horticulture, University of Agriculture, Faisal Abad. The experiment material comprised of Rough lemon root stock and sweet orange var. Pine apple Scion as bud wood, which was obtained from the PARS (Pakistan Agriculture Research Station). T-budding was done by using scion bud wood of three different ages, (green, green with white streaks and white bud wood with green streaks) at three different height of rough lemon root stock (6", 12", 18" respectively). The result shows that bud wood age ad budding height have no mark effect on the success of bud take. So, we are not bound to use green bud wood and rootstock of six inches, which is commonly being used by the commercial citrus procedures. If there is shortage of green bud woods then other bud wood can be used because this will not affect the success of sprouting. Similarly if there is pathogen problems like Coller rot in the field this can be controlled by high budding. Although it will take more time but will not effect the sprouting success as well as it will save the plant from fungus attack and other pathogens.

Keywords: Bud wood age; Budding height; Sprouting success; Sweet orange var. Pine apple; Pakistan.


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