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November 2015 Vol. 4(11): pp. 796-802
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Effect of deficit irrigation on yield and water productivity of onion (Allium cepa L.) under different lateral length

Abd El-Hady, M., Ebtisam I. Eldardiry, M.S.A. Abou-El-Kheir and A.A. Aboellil


Water Relations and Field Irrigation Dept., Agricultural Division,

National Research Centre, El Behouth St., Dokki, Cairo, Egypt 


Accepted 29 November, 2015



Surface drip irrigation has been taken a lot of attention due to low consume irrigation water during growth period regarding to plants need and also to decrease deep percolation losses. Lateral length (L) and uniformity coefficient (UC) of applied water and its stability, however, are still a matter of concern especially under limited water resources. In order to study the effect of deficit irrigation on yield and water productivity of onion (Allium cepa L., cv Giza 20), a field experiment was conducted on the loamy sandy soil in the National Research and Production Station in Nubaria, Behera Governorate, Egypt during two successive growing seasons (2014 and 2015) under different lateral lengths. Three deficit irrigation relative to evapotranspiration percentage (60, 75 and 90 % ET) under different lateral length (L1:25, L2:30; L3:40 m).The experiment was arranged in a randomized complete block design and adapted to conditions of drip irrigation. Water consumed during onion growing seasons were 1060, 1325; 1590 m3/fed for 60, 75 ; 90 % irrigation treatments. The highest and lowest yield were 12.46 (60% -L 25m), 13.40 (75% - L 40m); 10.89 (90%-40 m), and 12.12, 12.39, 10.51 for 60, 75, 90 % irrigation treatments at lateral length 25 m.  Results pointed out That water crop productivity (WCP) 75 % ET (13.0) followed by 60 % ET and 30; 40 m lateral length 12.1 kg/m3 irrigation water.  Lateral length 30 or 40 m were more effective to improve onion yield with significantly difference at 5 % with value 12.1 and increasing percentage 3% as compared with 25 m. The highest value of uniformity coefficient (UC) were obtained at lateral length  25 m followed by 30 m and lastly 40 m under all irrigation treatments and the opposite was true in case of 40 m lateral length.  But in case of the effect of irrigation treatments on UC ,it could arrange them in descending order as follow 90> 75> 60 %, while the rank in case of the lateral length was 25>30> 40 m.  Increasing lateral length caused a reduction in UC by about 2.7 and 1.8 % for 30 and 40 m lateral length comparing with 25 m. Highly positive correlation significantly at 1 % was obtained between onion yield with bulb diameter (0.819**) and uniformity coefficient (0.788**). The relation between onion yield and WUE is more significant than with uniformity coefficient. These finding means increasing UC has a pronounced effect on maximize onion yield under drip irrigation system.

KeywordsWater deficit, loamy sand soil, drip irrigation, lateral length, onion, yield, water productivity.



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