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November 2016 Vol. 5(11): pp. 399-404
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Chemical characterisation of shrubs browses from salt affected soils and Pothohar areas in Pakistan for their nutritional and anti-nutritional compounds

Muhammad Riaz-1 and Abdul Chaudhry -2


1 Institute of Animal Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-38040, Pakistan.

2 School of AFRD, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.


Accepted 03 November, 2016



Four species of shrubs browses comprising of Adhatoda vasica & Dodonaea viscosa from the hilly areas and two species of Acacia ampliceps & Atriplex lentiformis well adapted to the salt affected waste soils of the Punjab-province in Pakistan were randomly selected for their nutritional & anti-nutritional compounds along with the mineral contents. The ground samples were analysed for chemical characterization for DM, OM, EE, CP, NDF, ADF, NFE, ash content and for anti-nutritional compounds such as total phenols, saponins, oxalates, condensed tannins and minerals. The OM% (94.22 ± 1.36) was significantly (P<0.001) higher in Dodonaea viscosa followed by Acacia ampliceps (87.35 ± 1.36) and Adhtoda vasica (83.97±1.36). Shrubs showed fair amount of CP 8.28 %, 10.59 %, 15.5 %, & 28.47 % in D. viscose, A. lentiformis A. Ampliceps, & A. vesica, respectively. The maximum (P<0.001) NDF % (57.43± 0.39) was found in A. ampliceps followed by A. lentiformis (44.49 ± 0.39) and D. viscosa (31.10 ± 0.39), respectively. The maximum values for the ADF & ADL were in A. ampliceps followed by A. lentiformis and D.viscosa, respectively. Minimum (P<0.001) levels of CT were found in A. lentiformis (6.87± 0.72) followed by A. ampliceps (9.32 ± 0.72). The total ash % (21.98 ± 0.34) was found significantly (P<0.001) higher in Atriplex lentiformis followed (16.03± 0.34) by Adhatoda vasica (16.03 ± 0.34) and Acacia ampliceps (12.65± 0.34), respectively. The maximum (P<0.001) condensed tannin (g/kg DM) values (30.9± 2.9), and total phenols (73.2± 1.0) along with saponins (16.4 ± 2.0) were found in D. Viscose. A. vasica (9064±220) showed the maximum (P<0.001) values for Ca ppm, followed by D. Viscosa (4397 ±220). A. lentiformis depicted minimum (P<0.001) contents of the Ca (1028 ±220), P (174 ± 48), K (2248 ±205), Mg (726 ± 36), S (622±104), Fe (43.37 ±8.30), Mn (5.73 ± 3.95), Cu (0.98 ± 0.38) and Se (1.03 ±0.65) as compared to other shrub species tested. The tropical shrub browses may become potential supplements to traditional forages for ruminants specially during scarcity seasons

Keywords: Adhatoda vasica, Dodonaea viscose, Acacia ampliceps, Atriplex lentiformis, total phenols, saponins, oxalates, condensed tannins, nutritional composition secondary compounds.


-1 Institute of Animal Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-38040, Pakistan.

-2 School of AFRD, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

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