Global Advanced Research Journal of Agricultural Science (GARJAS) ISSN: 2315-5094
November 2017 Vol. 6(11): pp. 361-373
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Full Length Research Paper

A New Way to Implement Fully Autonomous and Automatic Large-Scale Anti-Hail Protection

Artashes K. Arakelyan


ECOSERV Remote Observation Centre Co. Ltd., 2 G. Njdeh Str., #24, Yerevan, 0006, Armenia 


Accepted 01 November, 2017



This article describes a new method for implementing a fully autonomous and automatically operating global network of an anti-hail protection including hail detection and alerting, hail prevention, hail suppression and hail trapping.

Keywords:  Hail; Hail Detection and Alerting; Anti-Hail Protection; Hail Prevention, Hail Suppression; Hail Trapping; Sonic Cannon; Sonic Generator; Sky Brightness Temperature; Microwave Radiometer

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