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December 2017 Special Anniversary Review, Vol. 6(12): pp. 418-427
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Chemical composition, antioxidant and antibacterial activity in Tunisian date palm seed

Mounira Metoui, Awatef  Essid, Amira Bouzoumita and Ali Ferchichi


Laboratoire d’Aridoculture et Cultures Oasiennes  Institut des Régions Arides de Médenine, Médenine 4119, Tunisie

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Accepted 12 November, 2017



These  edofel  even  common  dates (phoenixdactylifera  L.)  cultivars  from  the  coastal  oasis  of  Gabes, and the noble variety Deglet  Nour from the oasis of kebeli were analyzed for their main chemical  composition, antioxidant and antibacterial activity. The  sugar  content  was  ranged  between  1.20g/100g  MS  for  Bouhattam  and  3.80g/100g  MS  for  Khadhouri  cultivar. The phenolic content was ranged between 5.224g/100gMS for Baht and 9.532g/100g MS for Khadhouri cultivar. Khadhouri had also the highest total flavonoids content (3.82 g/100gMS). The higher antioxidant activity was found on the Khadhouri variety and was estimated about 55.47% of DPPH radical scavenging activity. It has been found that a linear relationship (p<0.01) exists between total phenolic content and inhibition percent.  This  by-product  of  date  processing  industries  could  be  regarded  as  an  excellent  source  of  flooding  redients  with interesting  technological functionality  that  could  also  be  used in  medicinal  preparation  as  an  important  source of oil.

Keywords: anti bacterial; antioxidant; date palm seed; polyphenol; flavonoid.

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