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February 2014 Vol. 3(2): pp. 077-084

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A contribution to the knowledge of the stink bugs (pentatomidae, hemiptera) in the ecosystems in tirana region (Albania)

Eltjon Halimi1*, Anila Paparisto1, Dritan Topi2


1University of Tirana; Faculty  of Natural  Science; Department of Biology

2University of Tirana; Faculty of Natural Science; Department of Chemistry

Corresponding Author’s Email:

Accepted 03 February, 2014



This study aims to present a systematic and ecological analysis to the family Pentatomidae, Stink Bugs (Hemiptera) the true bugs, in the different ecosystems of Tirana region (Albania). The collection of biological material is performed during the period 2008- 2010. The study analyzed 102 individuals, which are represented by 19 genus and 27 species.  By analyzing the collected material, the genres CarpocorisHolcostethus and Stagonomus are more representative with 3 species and a frequency of 11.11%.  Habitats of Iba station are represented by more species than the other stations, with 14 species and a frequency of 51.85%, with less species Ndroqi station with 9 species and a frequency of 33.33%.  Based on the “Jaccard index of similarity coefficient”, Dajtit with Farka and Iba with Ndroq stations, have a higher similarity coefficient than the other stations, of 27.77%, with the lowest coefficient are Vora with Ndroq and Farka with Ndroq stations with 5%, showing a similarity of the ecological factors between these stations, which means a similarity between these habitats. Zoogeographic regions Mediterranean, representing most of the species, with 9 species and frequency 33.33%.

Keywords: Stink Bugs, Pentatomidae, ecosystem.




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