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February 2015 Vol. 4(2): pp. 042-067

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An overview of plant resources and their economic uses in Nigeria

*Kutama1, A. S., 1Dangora, I. I.,1Aisha, W. 1Auyo, M. I., 2 Sharif, U.3Umma, M, and4Hassan, K. Y.


1Department of Biological Sciences, Federal University, Dutse. P.M.B 7156-Nigeria

2Department of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, Kano

3Department of Biology, Kano University of Science & Technology, Wudil.

4Department of Biology, Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education, Kano

*Corresponding Author's Email:


Accepted 17 February, 2015



Nigeria is an agrarian country blessed with almost uncountable number of plant species; in water, on land e.t.c. Plants are and remain the indispensable gift of nature given to mankind whose uses were discovered by man even before civilization. This paper reviews some important aspects of plants which include their origin, classification, morphology, as well as economic uses especially in the Nigerian context. It is pertinent therefore that students, researchers  as well as readers who are interested in plants would find this paper very educative as it explore majority of plant species and their economic uses in Nigeria.

Keyword: plant species, economic uses, taxonomy, morphology, Nigeria.


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