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February 2015 Vol. 4(2): pp. 105-112

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Evaluation of the edible muscles of four species of crustaceans from three regions of Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Hala A. Abdel- Salam, Salwa A H. Hamdi

Zoology Department-Faculty of Science-Cairo University, Cairo- Egypt

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Accepted 10 January, 2015



The edible crustaceans, Erugosquilla massavensis (mantis shrimps), Penaeus semisulcatus, Metapenaeus monoceros (shrimps) and Portunus pelagicus (crabs),from different regions are important components of the aquatic fauna that have a small yet growing economic importance in the markets. These edible crustaceans can be beneficial as nutraceutical and pharmaceutical components, if we can use in the treatment of some diseases. So, the purpose of the present work was, therefore, to assess the protein, carbohydrates, and lipids, vitamins (B1, B2), minerals (K, Na, Ca, P, S) of these species, which may in the future play an important role in some pharmaceutical industries and may be used as specific health foods (functional supplements). In the present study, analysis of edible muscle of mantis shrimp, shrimps and crab indicated the presence of high level concentration of total proteins (52.11%) in male E. massavensis; male and femaleE .massavensis recorded the largest value of carbohydrate concentrations (2.59%, 2.95% respectively). Furthermore male E. massavensis recorded the highest values of total lipids (17.66%) in comparison with other studied crustaceans.  Also, the results showed that the estimation  of Vitamins  B1, B2 level recorded the highest average concentrations of vitamin B1 (0.407 mg/100gm) in female M. monoceros, while male M. monoceros of the Arabian Gulf had the highest value of vitamin B2 (0.532 mg/100gm). Furthermore, the analysis of 5 elements (K, Na, Ca, P and S) showed the highest average concentration of K (677.05, 600.0mg/kg) and Na (703, 688 mg/kg) present in male and female E. massavensis respectively, also, male and female E. massavensis recorded the highest value of Ca, P concentration, while female P. pelagicus of Red Sea and Arabian Gulf recorded the highest value of S concentration. Therefore the , mantis shrimp, shrimps and crabs used in this study could be considered as a balanced human diet and may be used in some pharmaceutical industries for the treatment of some diseases. 

Keywords: Mantis shrimps (Erugosquilla massavensis, Penaeus  semisulcatus, Metapenaeus monoceros), crab (Portunus pelagicus),  total protein, carbohydrate, lipids, vitamins (B1, B2) and  minerals (K, Na, Ca, P, S).





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