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February 2016 Vol. 5(2): pp. 067-087
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Intra- and inter-specific variations in some isoenzymes and in eye-lens nucleus and muscle proteins of three Lethrinus species from the Red Sea at Hurghada, Egypt.

Mekkawy, IAA1,2; Ahmed S. A. Harabawy 1; U. M. Mahmoud1


1Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt.

2Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Taif University, Taif, Saudi Arabia.


Accepted 27 January, 2016



The level of genetic differentiation among Lethrinus species  was revealed by using the electrophoresis techniques.Three isoenzymes (LDH, G6PDH and  Esterases) and the general proteins (eye-lens nucleus and muscles proteins) were studied. The isoenzyme-electrophoretic results revealed that, LDH-isoenzyme patterns were found to be controlled by two loci: A, B for muscles and heart, while in the liver, in addition to gene loci A and B, a third locus C was detected and migrated toward the cathode.The muscle G6PDH isoenzyme patterns were explained to be influenced by 4 loci (A, B, C & D). However, the heart ones were encoded only by 2 loci (B&D). No ontogenetic variations in the esterase isoenzyme patterns of Lethrinus species were detected through the rang of length considered. The esterase molecules were presumed to be monomers and were coded by 3 loci (A, B and C); all these loci are common between muscles and heart.In the present work polymorphism or heterogeneity was detected in eye-lens nucleus protein patterns of Lethrinus species. Such protein heterogeneity  was expressed in four zones which can be explained by four genetic loci namely: EL-1, EL-2, EL-3 and EL-4. The present investigation revealed that polymorphism in muscle protein patterns was recorded only in L. mahsena and was lacking in L. borbonicus and L. nebulosus. The relatively genetic distances between L. borbonicus,  L. mahsena and L. nebulosus were estemated and the relative times of divergence between  Lethrinus species were estimated to be: 2,572,819 years for L. borbonicus and L. mahsena; 2,341,406 years for L. borbonicus and L. nebulosus; 3,105,669 years for L. mahsena and L. nebulosus.

Keywords: Electrophoresis, Isoenzymes, Proteins, Genetics, Lethrinus.


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