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Systematic Review

Global warming caused by man “reality or global political strategy”

Por Nelino Florida Rofner

Profesor Investigador- Universidad Nacional Agraria de la Selva. Facultad de Recursos Naturales Renovables. Av. Universitaria Km 1,5 carretera Tingo María -Huánuco.

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Accepted 20 March, 2019



This article proposes a personal opinion on the publication of the magazine polytika 1 (2008), on an extensive analysis that Jaworowski carried out with the article "The Sun, Not Man, Still Rules Our Climate". The article points out that the global environmental movement, which raises an Ecologist philosophy, with its almost irrefutable motto "Sustainable development" is nothing more than the application of a political strategy on a global scale. He bases his analysis on scientific advances, they clearly explain that climatic variations can be produced naturally by internal phenomena of the earth-atmosphere system and not by human action. However, the theory of warming caused by ourselves and initiate an entire ecology stream, psychologically is possible, the human being is able to accept a collective guilt and at the same time shows willingness to participate in mitigation. Apparently, the strategy points to interests at scale where a global tax on carbon, imposed on humanity for its supposed role in anthropogenic global warming (AGM), would be a cornerstone. Finally, the supposed global warming brings its own interests on a global scale, which for the moment keeps us polarized with two discordant philosophical approaches and distracts us from the real problems that affect the human being at present "air, water and soil pollution”, which put the health and food security of future generations at risk.

Keywords: Global warming, pollution, sustainable development, tax on humanity.








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