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April 2015 Vol. 4(4): pp. 211-221
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Impact of Biocontrol Agent Streptomyces fumanus on Bacterial Communities in the Rhizosphere of Wheat and Soybean in Newly Cultivated Soil

Tinatin Doolotkeldieva, Saykal Bobusheva and Maxabat Konurbaeva


Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Faculty of Agriculture, Plant Protection Department, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

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Accepted 20 March, 2015



The quantity and diversity of a rhizosphere functional microbial community’s ammonificators, oligotrophs and diazotrophs after processing of wheat(Triticum aestivum) and soybean (Glycine max) seeds in Streptomyces fumanus gn-2 suspension (104 spores\ ml) were examined before planting into the soil. The rhizosphere microflora of wheat was investigated in shoot, till ring, heading and maturation phases by classical microbiological and molecular biology methods. The soybean rhizosphere microflora in three phases of vegetation, formation of the first trifoliate leaf, flowering and maturation, was investigated by the same methods. Treatment of wheat and soybean seeds with Streptomyces fumanus product promoted a population of the most useful microorganisms, including nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the rhizosphere of plants. A 16S ribosomal RNA analysis revealed a rich biodiversity of bacteria in the rhizosphere of the wheat’s maturation phase, which differs from the biodiversity of bacteria in the rhizosphere of soybean in the same phase. Bacteria of Microbacterium genus from Actinobacteria phylum dominated in the rhizosphere of wheat. The bacteria species of Chryseobacterium genus from Flavobacteriia phylum dominated in the rhizosphere of soybean, which proves the different chemical composition of these organic plant exudates that  attracts the preferred species of microorganisms.

Keywords: wheat and soybean seeds, biocontrol agent, rhizosphere microflora in vegetation phases, impact of Streptomyces fumanus on biodiversity of rhizosphere.




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