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April 2015 Vol. 4(4): pp. 173-181
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Impact of Nitrogen Fertilizer (Encapsulated Urea Fertilizer) in Process of Controlled-Release Their Effect on Growth of Chinese Kale (Brassica alboglabra Bailey).

S. Pinpeangchan, and C. Wanapu*


School of Biotechnology, Institute of Agricultural Technology, Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon Ratchasima 30000, Thailand

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail:;

Tel. +66 44 223181; Fax: +66 44 223180.

Accepted 27 March, 2015



The project of this work was to determine the effects of encapsulated urea fertilizer (EUFs) on plant growth. Urea was applied as nitrogen (N) which widely used in agriculture as a common source of N in solid form using at rate of 30 kg/ha. Studies carried out in a greenhouse have found that EUFs increasing fresh weight, root fresh weight, stem dry weight and root dry weight of kale plant. Improved understanding of the releasing behavior of controlled-release fertilizer was used Fick’s law model. Impacts of EUFs are strongly effect on biomass and mineral N applications. In various considerations, these EUFs represent good controlled-release and water-retention capacity, being degradable in soil and environmental friendly, could be especially used in agricultural applications.

Keywords: Chinese kale, Controlled-release, Encapsulated urea fertilizer, Fick’s law model, Urea fertilizer. 


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