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April 2017 Vol. 6(4): pp. 084-088
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Agricultural Development in Less Developed Countries: The Example of Sub-Saharan Africa

Coskun Serefoglu1, Ertugrul Guresci2, Oktay Akturk2

1Ankara Development Agency

2Ahi Evran University


Accepted 28 February, 2017



This study aims to identify the reasons of development problems in sub-Saharan African countries. Many small African countries have unskilled labour and poor infrastructure beside the weakness of public service.  Most farms are micro scaled and have difficulty to access credit mechanism.  New techniques in agriculture are not widely applied by subsistence farms since they have lack of money. Also, there are no strong unions where farmers gather together for doing a successful business in agriculture. So, micro-credit is mostly suggested by many experts in the part of the world. With this paper, it suggested that the small African countries have to have perfect markets where buyers and seller can meet transparently. Moreover, accessing credit can only be done with producer organizations. Technology transfer such as seed, irrigation and mechanization from. the developed countries should be done through private companies which are encouraged and subsidized by the Governments.

Keywords: Agricultural development, less development countries, sub-shara. 

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