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May 2015 Vol. 4(5): pp. 230-234
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Effects of planting arrangement and different tillage methods on some morphological characteristics of Vicia Faba

Ali Reza Saberi 1*, Hosseinali Tash Shamsabadi2, and Siti Aishah Hassan3 and Ehsan Ghajarjazi4


Agricultural & Natural Resources Research Center of Golestan, Gorgan, 4915677555, Iran1 Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Iran2&4

and Department of Crop Science, University Putra Malaysia,43400 Serdang, Selangor3

*Corresponding author E-mail:;

Tel: 00989112734365. Fax: +981713359813.

Accepted 12 May, 2015



In order to investigate on the effect of planting arrangement and tillage method on seed yield and yield components for Barakat cultivars of Vicia faba, an experiment was carried out in the research farm, faculty of agriculture Gorgan University during 2013. This research was performed in randomized complete block design with three replications. Plots were assigned by three inter- row spacing planting arrangements (P1= parallel double row 15 cm space apart, P2= Zigzag double row 15 cm space apart and P3= single row7.5 cm inter- row spacing). The tillage methods were included; T1=No tillage T2= Minimum tillage T3= Conventional tillage. Results obtained from data variance analysis showed that the effect of inter- row spacing and tillage methods on stem diameter character within probability level of 1% was significant, the greater stem diameter (11.86 mm) by double row pattern in no tillage treatment produced. The most characters of Vicia faba including; stem diameter, height to node, plant height, number of branch and number of seeds per pod were significantly (P<0.05) affected by tillage method. The highest plant height and height to node were 70.91 cm and 3.65 cm respectively obtained from no tillage and minimum tillage treatment. The greater stem diameter (11.28 mm) got from no tillage system, the most number of branches (5.22) obtained from conventional tillage and the large number of seeds per plant (20.88) was related to minimum tillage.

Keywords: common bean, planting arrangement, tillage system.



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