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May 2016 Vol. 5(5): pp. 165-174
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Some Ecological Aspects of Bagrusbayad and Clariasgariepinus in Thomas Lake, Kano State, Nigeria

*Musa1, H., Mahmud1, U., Safiyanu1, I., Bashir2, S. I. and Kutama3, A.S.


1Department of Biology, Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil.

2Government Senior Secondary School Panda, Albasu  Kano State.

3Department of Biological sciences, Federal University, Dutse


Accepted 21 May, 2016



A study of some ecological aspects of Bagrusbayad and Clariasgariepinus in Thomas Lake, Kano State, Nigeria was conducted.  A total of 290 samples of B. bayad and 175 of C. gariepinus were collected by artisanal fishermen using various fishing gears including cast net, seine net and gill net. Water physico-chemical parameters of the lake which include Temperature, pH, Transparency and Dissolved oxygen (DO) were determine from the field with exception of pH and DO which were determined in the laboratory. Temperature was determined by using thermometer with range of  20.50° - 30.00°C, pH was measured by pH meter (HI98130) with range of 5.6-7.9, transparency was determined using sacchi disc with values range of  132 – 450cm and DO with values of 3.9 - 8.0mg/l by Winkler method. The fish length and weight were measured using meter rule and electric weighting balance (XY500JB) respectively. The values of regression co-efficient obtained using least square method for the length-weight relationship were 2.3641 for male B. bayad and 2.7191 for the female, the values for C. gariepinus were 2.6211 and 2.6765 for male and female respectively. This suggests a negative allometric growth for both the two species with “b” value less than three (b<3) in all the specimens sampled. There was no significant difference at (p>0.05) in the male and female regression co-efficient. The result for the condition factor showed range of 0.041 – 0.061 for male and 0.0066 – 0.116 for female B. bayad while 0.0024 – 0.019 for male and 0.0052 – 0.01 for female C. gariepinus. These values for both species was less than one indicating the fishes in the lake were not favourable due to the unfavourable environmental conditions in the Lake. The food and feeding habit of the lake fishes were analyzed using frequency of occurrence method which revealed that B. bayad were carnivorous with dietary preference of fish material (52.17%), insect part (23.48%), plant material (1.30%) unidentified materials (23.04%), while food contents of C. gariepinus revealed that its omnivorous with dietary preference of insect parts (42.88%), fish parts (23.80%), detritus (3.81%), plants parts (1.90%) and unidentified materials (27.62%).

Keywords: physico-chemical parameters, Bagrusbayad and Clariasgariepinus, Thomas Lake.

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