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May 2017 Vol. 6(5): pp. 114-118
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Biofertilization With Glomus intraradices and Azospirillum brasilense to Improve the Quality of Papayo Plantule.

Dagoberto Guillén-Sánchez1, Salvador Vázquez-Ramírez1, Irán Alía-Tejacal 2, Víctor Lopez-Martinez2, María Andrade-Rodríguez2, Porfirio Juárez-López2, Ricardo Hernández-Pérez*3 and Maykel Hernández-Aro4.


1Higher School of Studies Xalostoc (HSSX). Autonomun University State of Morelos (UAEM). Av. Nicolás Bravo w/n, Cuautla Industrial Park, Xalostoc, Ciudad Ayala, Morelos. C.P. 62740.

2Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Autonomun University State of Morelos (UAEM). Av. Universidad 1001, Col. Chamilpa, Cuernavaca, Morelos. C.P. 62209.

*3Scientific advisor. FITOLAB AS of CV. Street Bugambilia No. 9, Col. Puxtla. Cuautla. Morelos. Mexico. C.P. 62758.

4Central University “Martha Abreu”, Las Villas. Cuba (UCLV). Road Camajuani Km 5½.Santa Clara.V.C. Cuba.


Accepted 16 May, 2017



The replacement of mineral fertilizer in papaya crop with biofertilizer based on Glomus spp. and Azospirillum spp., can to increase the productivity in this crop, moreover to improve soil conditions. The aim of the study was to determine the quality of papayas seedling, variety "Red Maradol", obtained with the use of Glomus intraradices and Azospirillum brasilense, as biofertilizers for production of plants.The experiment was developed at greenhouse of High Study School of Xalostoc, Morelos. Was used a completely randomized design, with eight treatment and five repetitions: G. intraradices along (Gl), A. brasilense along (Az), Fertilizer 8-24-0 along (F), mixture of Gl, Az and fertilizer 8-24-0 (Gl+ Az + F),  mixture of Az and F (Az + F), mixture of Gl and F (Gl + F), mixture of Gl and Az (Gl + Az); and the witness (T), without fertilization. These were applicated twice, on papaya seeds and in the sowing over the seedling. Such effect was evaluated using the variables: plant height, stem diameter, radicular volume, fresh total weight, dry total weight, foliage fresh weight, root fresh weight, as well as the seedling quality index by the Dickson method. The results shown that the biofertilizer G. intraradices and A. brasilense improved the nutrient uptake and stimulated the growth of papaya plants, when were applied together and with mineral fertilizer (8:24:0). The applications of G. intraradices by separated, get the best quality of the plantule, getting better radicular develop of it. 

Keywords: Biofertilization, Glomus intraradices, Azospirillum brasilense, Carica papaya.


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