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June 2012 Vol. 1(4), pp. 062-065
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The Nitrogen Balance of Indigeneous Yankasa Sheep fed a Basal Diet of Untreated Rice Straw Supplemented with Mineral Blocks

A. A. Mubi

Department of Animal Production, Adamawa State University, PMB 25 Mubi, Adamawa State Nigeria.

E-mail:;  +234 081 3650 2487

Accepted 03 May, 2012


A research was conducted to determine the effects of two types of multinutrient block with or without molasses and a basal diet of rice straw on the performance of sheep.  Three sheep were randomly allocated to three treatments group with a sheep per treatment in a metabolism cage the treatments were MNBM with basal diet, MNBW with basal diet and the Control. The metabolism trial was conducted to assess nitrogen balance in sheep fed a basal diet of rice straw and supplemented with MNBM and MNBW. Three Sheep were used for the trial, representing each treatment group. There was no significant (P>0.01) difference in the nitrogen retained between the supplemented group but differs (P<0.01) significantly with the control. The nitrogen retained were 5.78g/day, 24.96g/day and 25.87g/day for the control, MNBW and MNBM.There was no significant (P>0.01) difference between the supplemented groups, but differs (P<0.01) with the control group.  The daily live weight change was – 0.02g/day, 0.39g/day and 0.40g/day for the control, MNBW and MNBM. The nutrient intake and digestibility by cattle was studied, the DMD of MNBM, MNBW and the control were 63.12%, 61.95% and 43.74%.  CP digestibility was 77.11%, 75.87% and 42.27% for MNBM, MNBW and the control. The supplemented group had CF digestibility of 55.02%, 53.96% and 41.05% for MNBM, MNBW and the control. 

Keywords: Nitrogen balance, Yankasa sheep, untreated rice straw, mineral blocks.

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