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June 2013 Vol. 2(6): pp. 160-163

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A comparative study between demonstrator and non demonstrator farmers of relay cropping system

H. C. Chodavadia 1 , M. K. Bariya2,Girish Deshmukh3


1 and 2Subject Matter Specialist, KVK, Amreli, JAU, Junagadh, Gujarat, India

3Ph.D Scholar, Department of Agricultural Extension, JAU, Junagadh, Gujarat, India

*Corresponding Author’s E-Mail: 

Accepted 17 May, 2013



In the present study attempt was made to know the socio-economic and psychological characteristics of the demonstrator and non-demonstrator farmers of groundnut-pigeon pea relay cropping system. The study was conducted in saurashtra region of Gujarat state. The information about characteristic of farmer collected through personal interview schedule. From this study it could be revealed that demonstrator respondents found superior than non-demonstrator respondent in case of social participation, extension participation, risk preference, irrigation potentiality, knowledge level, extent of adoption and yield level.

Keywords: Relay cropping, Impact, knowledge, Adoption, Yield, Comparison.




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