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June 2014 Vol. 3(6): pp. 165-174
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Farm Practices Adopted for Perennial Productivity of Plantain Production Systems in Ekiti and Ondo States, Nigeria

Oso, A.A. and Ayodele, O.J.


Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti

Corresponding Author's Email:

Accepted 04 June, 2014



Fruit yield decline after two or three production cycles and subsequent less attention given to plantain orchards often lead to their abandonment. This study was carried out to identify the farm management practices in plantain production systems in Ekiti and Ondo States, Nigeria. Two towns were purposively chosen in each local government area and five (5) farmers selected in each town to give 170 and 146 respondents to questionnaire and interview schedules in Ondo and Ekiti States, respectively. False Horn and True Horn plantain cultivars were mostly grown and intercropped with arable and tree crops. Farms cultivated for five (5) years followed by shifting or fallow were 34.2 and 32.2% in Ekiti and Ondo States respectively. Regular farm practices were adequate spacing, weeding, de-suckering, pruning of leaves, earthening up and propping of fruiting plantains while use of manures, mulch and fertilizers was less in Ekiti State. Fertilizer use was affected by non-availability and high prices of the products rather than the negative effects on fruit quality. Information dissemination from extension services was adequate in Ondo State while the responses for adequacy of inputs from government sources, yearly increase in plantain yield and adoption of improved management practices in enhancing plantain productivity were similar in the two states. 

Keywords: Plantain, production systems, perennial productivity, management practices, Nigeria.



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