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June 2014 Vol. 3(6): pp. 175-178
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Livestock insurance: Still a distant dream for tribal communities of Koraput tract, Odisha, India

Chaudhury Shripati Mishra


Co-Principal Investigator, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, Jeypore, Koraput, Odisha India, 764002


Accepted 26 June, 2014



The aim of the study is to chronicle the challenges and suggest amendments in policies associated with planning, promotion, implementation and adoption of livestock insurance in tribal communities of Koraput tract in the Eastern Ghat mountain range, India. Two hundred tribal households in six villages belonging toKandha, Penthia and Poraja communities were selected for the study employing methodologies such as focus group discussion and a structured questionnaire. The findings revealed the inefficient approaches followed in risk mitigation planning for animal husbandry activities involving small and marginal farmers in India. The findings also highlighted the absence of national level planning for encompassing the climate resilient indigenous breeds of cattle under livestock insurance. Lack of insurance coverage for unorganised backyard poultry farming, supporting livelihood of small and marginal farmers, was identified as a challenge for sustainable integrated farming. Policy recommendations were devised in consultation with tribal farmers for promotion and adoption of livestock insurance in tribal communities. These recommendations comprised social, financial and policy advocacy initiatives for a holistic approach towards risk management. Innovative solutions suggested by tribal farmers such as employment of advanced information and communication tools for accessing technical guidance of veterinarians reflected the need and the willingness of the agrarian communities to adopt sustainable animal husbandry practices. A comprehensive plan in participatory mode with the tribal communities was developed to promote food and nutritional security through sustainable agriculture in the hilly terrains of Koraput tract.

Keywords: Livestock insurance, tribal farmer, policy, risk management.



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