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June 2014 Vol. 3(6): pp. 141-147
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Selection Criteria for Contact Farmers and the Job Performance Ratings of the Extension Workers of Nasarawa Agricultural Development Programme in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Bello, M1., C. P. O Obinne2, E. S. Salau1, L. Ezra1 and O. A. Galadima1


1Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, Shabu-Lafia Campus, Nasarawa State Unversity, Keffi

2Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication, University of Agriculture, makurdi, Benue State.

*Correspondence Author E-mail:

Accepted 25 June, 2012



This study examined the selection criteria of contact farmers and the job performance ratings of the extension workers of the Nasarawa Agricultural Development Programme (NADP).  Extension workers were asked to express their opinion on the prescribed selection criteria by the NADP in relation to the selection of contact farmers and their job performance in the study area.  Multi-stage stratified random sampling was adopted for the selection of extension workers.  There are six cells within the three zones of the study area.  Each cell contains two sub-cells.  Eight extension workers were randomly selected from two sub-cells to give a total of 96 extension workers as respondents for the study.  Frequencies and percentages were used for the analysis of selection of the extension workers and the views expressed by extension workers on the relevance of selection criteria for the selection of contact farmers.  Chi-square (X2) analysis was used to determine the association between the opinion of extension workers and their job performance.  The results of the study showed the selection criterion of the contact farmers being practising farmers was ranked 1st as a relevant selection criterion for the selection of contact farmers; followed by “readiness to disseminate new technologies”; “acceptability to communities”; and “willingness to  allow other farmers visit their farms for mass adoption” all of which were ranked 2nd.  Chi-square analysis showed significant and positive association between selection criteria prescribed and the job performance of the extension workers.  The study recommends that management of NADP should ensure continuous training of extension workers and quip them significantly enough to provide relevant technical support to both contact and non-contact farmers respectively.

Keywords: extension workers, contact farmers, selection criteria, job performance, and Nasarawa Agricultural Development Programme.


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