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June 2015 Vol. 4(6): pp. 270-274
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Checklist of bird species at the Dadin Kowa Dam, Gombe, Gombe State, Nigeria

1Adang, K. L., 2Nsor, C. A. and 2Tela, M.


1Department of Biological Sciences Federal University Lokoja Kogi State, Nigeria

2Department of Biological Sciences Gombe State University, Gombe, Gombe State, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author’s Email:

Accepted 30 April, 2015



A study to generate a checklist of bird species at the Dad in Kowa dam, Gombe, Gombe State, Nigeria, was conducted between April – July 2011. Four line transects measuring 1000 m were each placed on the different habitat types and each surveyed four times within the study period. Thus, a total transect length of 4000 m was surveyed.  Sixty bird species from 27 families were recorded during the survey. Four of the 60 bird species recorded were endemic to Africa, which were the Senegal Parrot Poicephalussenegalus, Bearded Barbet Lybiusdubius,  Vieillot’s Barbet  Lybiusvieilloti, and Bronze Mannikin  Spermestescucullata. The results of this study showed that the bird species found at the Dadin Kowa Dam are either Residents like the Cinnamon-breasted rock Bunting, White-rumped Swift, African grey hornbill, Cattle Egret, Black-headed Heron, Vinaceous Dove, Grey-headed Kingfisher; Intra-African migrants like the African Golden Oriole, Northern caramine Bee-eater; Vagrants like the Squacco Heron, Black-crowned Night Heron and Palearctic Migrants like the White Stork. All the bird species identified were of Least Concern 3.1 IUCN status. The checklist produced was the first in the area, thus providing baseline information for further research. 

Keywords: Checklist, Bird species, Dadin Kowa dam, Gombe, Nigeria.


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