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June 2017 Vol. 6(6): pp. 134-140
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Attractant Coffee to Detect of Distribution  of H.Hampeii in Sumbul Village, Dairi District, Sumatera

Ameilia Zuliyanti Siregar


Dept.Agrotechnology, Faculy of Agriculture, “Universitas Sumatera Utara”, Jl.Dr.A.Sofyan No 3, Medan, 20155, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia.


Accepted 09 June, 2017



Dairi district is one of regency in Northern Sumatra produce of coffee plantations. The research was done during July until August 2016 in Sumbul Village, Dairi district with two varietes of coffee, such as Robusta and Arabica with each locations taken at 5 treatment in 5 sites which total as 50 coffee plantations were determined in the fields. The treatments consists of 5 levels, such as; K0: Control (without aquadest destilate); K1: chlorogenic acid extract I (added aquadest destilate 25 ml); K2: chlorogenic acid extract II (added aquadest destilate 50 ml); K3: chlorogenic acid extracts III (added aquadest destilate 75 ml); K4: chlorogenic acid extracts IV (added aquadest destilate 100 ml). The insects recorded consist of 10 orders, 30 families with 30 genera are collected on coffee plantation in Sumbul village.The highest individual found in Sumbul from Families Scolytidae (H.hampei, 36 individuals), followed by Family Formicidae (Formica sp, 19 individuals) and the Family Vespidae (Dolochovespula sp, 12 individuals), compared with total individuals recorded in Sidikalang consists of Scolytidae (41 individuals), Vespidae (14 individuals) and Formicidae (12 individuals). The score diversity (H') varies with the very good diversities category, namely H'=2.26 (in Sidikalang district) and H'=1.98 (in Sumbul village). The most effective for controlling pests of CFB in the field of five traps such as Yellow Trap/YT (P <0.019 **); followed by Attractant Trap/AT; Red Trap/RT; Sweep Net /SN; and Pit Fall Trap/PT. 

Keywords: Attractant, coffee, H.hampeii, Sumbul, North of Sumatra.


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