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Mercury bioaccumulation in sediment and root of mangrove forest, Avicennia marina from Emam Khomein Port, north part of the Persian Gulf

Sadegh Peery1 Abdolmajid Doraghi1 Mohammad Taghi Ronagh1 and Alireza Safahieh1


1Department of Marine Biology, Faculty of Marine Science, Khoramshahr Marine Science and Technology University, Iran

*Corresponding Author's Email:

Accepted 20 May, 2018



In this study, the mercury distribution in sediment and bioaccumulation in root of mangrove forest, Avicennia marina from Emam Khomeini Port, located in Khuzestan province south Iran and head of the Persian Gulf were studied. For this analyses, sediment and mangrove samples were collected from four sampling sites including Petrochemical, Majideih, Jafari and Majideih were. After preparation, the concentration of every metal was measured using the ICP-AES. The mean concentration of mercury in different sampling sites in summer were 1.69 ± 1.45 µg/g in site 1, 0.86 ± 0.05 µg/g in site 2, 0.60 ± 1.23 µg/g in site 3 and 0.16 ± 2.19 µg/g in sites 4, and also in winter were 2.34 ± 0.49 µg/g in site 1.10 ± 5.27 µg/g in site 2, 0.66 ± 0.25 µg/g in site 3 and 0.17 ± 131 µg/g in sites 4, respectively. The mean concentration of mercury in root of mangrove forest, A. marina in summer season were 3.26 ± 3.16 in site 1, 1.49 ± 0.75 in site 2, 0.87 ± 2.61 in site 3 and 0.65 ± 4.05, and also in winter were 4.13 ± 4.35 in site 1, 1.93 ± 2.31 in site 2, 0.94 ± 1.56 in site 3 and 0.67 ± 0.24 in site 4. There was significant differences in mercury value in sediments and root of A. marina between diffident sampling sites and seasons (P<0.05), and mercury value in all sampling sites were as Petrochemical > Majideih > Jafari > Bardestan.   Also, there was significant differences between diffident seasons (P<0.05) and higher mercury was absorbing in winter. The results showed that A. marina is one a plant that can be absorbing mercury from around sediments and transportation to other tissues, therefore, could be removal mercury from aquatic ecosystem in Emam Khomeini Port, north part of the Persian Gulf. In general, phytoremediation is a new and best technology for removal of metal from aquatic ecosystems, and A. marina is important species in different coasts of the Persian Gulf, therefore, this species can using for removal and purgation of mercury from different coasts of Persian Gulf.

Keywords: Mercury, Bioaccumulation, Mangrove Forest, Avicennia marina, Emam Khomein Port.






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