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July 2013 Vol. 2(7): pp. 181-188

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Consumer Preference for Goat Milk in Turkey

I. Guney1and S. Ocak*,2


1Vocational High School of Adana, University of Çukurova, 01330, Adana-Turkey.

2Middle East Sustainable Livestock Biotechnology and Agro-Ecology Research and Development Centre, University of Zirve,Gaziantep-Turkey.

*Corresponding Author’s Email:

Accepted 15 July, 2013



A survey was conducted to investigate knowledge and preference of dairy goat products and milk consumption among consumers in East Mediterranean region of Turkey. Face to face interview method was used to survey of varying socio-economic levels to examine their approach and consumption of goat milk and its products. Of the 336 responders, daily milk consumption in low, middle and high socio economic levels were 21.7%, 28.0 % and 38.1 %, respectively. The highest goat milk consumers were with 23 % in high socio economic status. Most preferred milk was cow milk with 78.3%, 90.7 and 73.8% in low, middle and high socio economic level groups, respectively. The main reason for low goat milk consumption was low commercial availability of the product. Results of the survey showed that most important differences are seen between low and high socio-economic status groups’ consumers in all questionnaire parameters. Most of the responders were unaware of the importance of the goat milk.  Goat milk and its product’s importance should introduced strongly to the consumers. More attention on promotions and advertisements regarding to goat products should be supported.

Keywords: Goat milk, socio-economic level, consumer knowledge, dairy goat products.




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