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July 2013 Vol. 2(7): pp. 196-202

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Early Diagnosis of Ecosystem Pollution and Its Prognosis

Saghatelyan A.K, Revazyan R.H, Ajabyan NA


The Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies NAS RA Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

*Corresponding Author’s е;;  Tel:(374-10) 57-29-24

Accepted 11 July, 2013



The article considers the issue of developing a geo-ecological indicator to assess the status of the soil and infiltration waters that could be both representative for the ecosystem and give assessment of its pollution. As an index a change in  contents of chemical substances in the biogeochemical analysis of the flow in the system atmospheric deposition, soil and infiltration waters. The risk index in the developed model of chemical element streams is based on indication  of the dominating role of lysimetric filtrates for determining transit streams of pollutants in ecosystems and evaluating pollution levels of infiltration waters which inflow to ground and surface waters. Employing biogeochemical analyses of the fluxes in the system on the example of mountainous massif indicated that concentrations of Pb, Ni and Mn in the lysimetric filtrates significantly exceeded threshold values and values of their concentrations in precipitation. It is demonstrated that applied indicators reflect the total range of changes in the structure of biogeochemical cycles in the terrestrial ecosystem and provide opportunity to integrate information on the pollution. Proceeding from results of analyses it is possible to assess the  risk of environmental pollution of ground waters and soil.Keywords: soil pollution, heavy metals, lysimetric filtrate, balance model.



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