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July 2014 Vol. 3(7): pp. 186-199

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Determinants of Income from Poultry Egg Production in Imo State, Nigeria: An Econometric Model Approach

*Esiobu, N.S; G.C Onubuogu and V.B.N Okoli


Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development, Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria.

*Corresponding Author’s Email:;

Tel: +2347030209157

Accepted 14 July, 2014



The study evaluated the determinants of income from poultry egg production in Imo State, Nigeria. Multistage random sampling techniques was used in selection of respondents. The sample size comprised sixty poultry egg producers. The main tool for data collection was a set of structured questionnaire. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistical tools, gross income analysis and econometric regression model. Findings revealed the mean age to be 43.10years. Results also showed that poultry egg production in the area is dominated by females (61.67%). Majority (76.67%) were married with an average household size of 6.1 persons. The average farm income was N77,300.00 ($515.33) while the mean farm size was 488.00 birds. Greater proportion (96.67%) keeps Cinnamon Queen as their breed of layers. Result revealed that under suitable condition (feeds and water Ad -libitum), A Cinnamon Queen is efficient and capable of producing between 25-30 quantities of eggs per month. Finding shows that cost of feeding (N126,000.00)($840.00) was the highest total variable cost recorded. Producers earned a positive net return of N180,320.00 ($1,202.13) and return per capital invested was N0.36 ($0.0024). Estimated econometric analysis revealed that farm size (4.346), education (2.567), farming experience (5.495), farm income (5.029), household size (4.910), extension contact (2.696) and membership of cooperative (2.834) were found to be the significant determinant of output and income. The relationships were statistically significant at 1% level of probability. The F-ratio (37.968) revealed the overall significant of the model. Poultry egg production is efficient and lucrative in the area. However, producers complained of high cost of feeds and poor feeder roads. It was therefore recommended that producers/farmers should be encouraged to form agricultural co-operatives to eliminate the exploitative and dubious activities of the some input agencies as well as enable them obtain credits from the government and other credits institutions. Government effort should address to high cost of poultry feeds in the area. Ultimately, infrastructural facilities such as good feeder roads should also be provided in the area to reduce the rate of spoilage, shorten the chain of distribution and enable producers to receive better prices at reduced transportation cost.

Keywords: Poultry-Egg, Poultry-egg Farmers, Socio-economic Characteristics, Breeds of Layers, Laying Rates, Costs and Return, Econometric Model, Constraints.

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