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July 2015 Vol. 4(7): pp. 366-377
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Effect of Dripper Lateral Lines Length and Water Salinity on Canola Growth

Tayel, M.Y., Sabreen Kh. Pibars and H. A. Mansour


Water Relation and Field Irrigation Dep., National Research Centre, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.

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Accepted 20 July, 2015



Field experiments were conducted during two successive growing seasons in split plot design with three replications each. Salinity is a major abiotic stress significantly influencing the germination and growth of plants. The objectives of this work was, to study the effect of  water salinity and irrigation  lateral lines length on canola growth and emission uniformity  .The treatments used were as follows: different irrigation water salinityS1,S2and S3: (1000 ,2000 and 3000 ppm).  and using three irrigation lateral lines L1, L2;L3 (40, 60, 80 m). The results on hand showed that increasing salinity from 1000 to 3000 ppm decreased all growth parameter of canola. Significant mean square of the salinity levels, irrigation  lateral lines length and salinity ×irrigation  lateral lines length interaction effects were exhibited for seeds pod ,seed yield(kg/fed.), plant height(cm.) ,no. of seeds/plant and no. of branches / plant . In all irrigation lateral lines length, this interaction could be put in the following ascending order: water salinity 3000 ppm × irrigation lateral lines length 80 cm.<water salinity 2000 ppm× irrigation lateral lines length 60 cm.<water salinity 1000 ppm× irrigation lateral lines length 40 cm. The differences in the studied parameters between any two interactions were significant at the 5% level. The best lateral length salinity were 40m and 1000 ppm, which gave the highest emission uniformity and canola plant growth.  

Keywords: Canola growth, drip lateral length, water saline.


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