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August 2013 Vol. 2(8): pp. 203-210

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Month wise catch per unit effort of sardine species Sardinella  fimbriata and Dussumieria acuta in Artisanal and Industrial fishing sector.

Roy Bikram Jit, Nripendra Kumar Singha, S.M. Hasan Ali,Md. Gaziur Rahman, Md. Fokhrul Alam


Scientific Officer, Marine Fisheries Survey Management Unit, Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Assistant Chief, and Assistant Director, Matshya Bhaban, Dhaka.

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Tel: 00 88 01815509464

Accepted 01 July, 2013



The investigation was carried out on the sardine fish species availability which captured in artisanal and industrial fishing sector during January, 2012 to December, 2012 from the onshore and off shore water areas of our marine water and total production of sardines was 7352.99MT, among this  1747.22 MT was exploited by the coastal mechanize boats in inshore areas which contributed 23.76% by weight of  total sardine fish production and 5605.77 MT harvested from different industrial fish trawlers and contributed 76.24% to the total sardine landing in deep-sea fisheries and 17.51% contributed to the total fish production by commercial fish trawlers at the same study period. Still now 4 sardine species are recorded in the Bangladesh region of the Bay of Bengal. Among them, two sardine species are abundantly available and they are, Fringe-scale sardine- Sardinella  fimbriata is locally call as ‘sagar chapila’ and its total landing volume was 5495.79MT (74.74%) of the total landed sardines in artisanal and industrial fishing; of which contributed 31.79% (1747.22MT)  in artisanal and 68.21% (3748.57MT)from industrial sector to the total production volumes of  S.  fimbriata.  And the rain bow sardine-Dussumieria acuta call as ‘Colombo machh’, this contributed 25.26% (1857.20MT) only in industrial fishing sector in our sampling period. Generally, in artisanal fishing the peak capture season of sardine species, S. fimbriata is in the rainy season and in industrial fishing major harvesting season of S. fimbriata are the end of late autumn to first of winter in night times. D. acuta harvest only in industrial fishing and peak production season is in the winter season and highest catch observed at night in the full moon and new moon period and a few days after and before full moon and new moon. S. fimbriata are exploits within 10-20 meters depth and abundantly available in the southern part of the South patches and South of south patches and capture 10-50 m depth in north-west to north-east of Middle ground (Kohinoor point) and D. acuta are harvest within 40-60 m. depth and available in the north-west to north-east of Middle ground areas (Kohinoor point) and south-west to south-east of Middle ground (Kohinoor point) in the Bangladesh region of the Bay of Bengal. Catch per unit effort (CPUE) of S. fimbriata was 171.28 kg observed in artisanal fishing. Average CPUE was 172.50 kg in the selected fish landing center of Shahparir dwep followed by 198.77 kg, 257.77 kg, 189.88 kg, 115.66 kg and 93.10 kg were at Teknaf sadar, Shamlapur, Moheskhali, BFDC fish harbour, Cox’s Bazar and Fishery ghat fish landing center in Chittagong district respectively. In industrial fishing average CPUE was 772.68 kg recorded at the same sampling period.

Keywords:  Total landing, Middle ground, South Patches, South of south Patches, Kohinoor point, Artisanal and Industrial fishing.



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