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August 2015 Vol. 4(8): pp. 378-386
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Effect of Organic Manure Fertigation on Sesame Yield Productivity under Drip Irrigation System

Sabreen Kh. Pibars1,H. A. Mansour1 and H. M. Imam2


1. Department of Field Irrigation and Water Relations, National Research Center.

2. Department of Field Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Researches, Agricultural Engineering Research Institute.

*Corresponding Author's Email:

Accepted 16 July, 2015



Application of organic manures has distinguished with improving soil characteristics, sustaining human health and ecosystems. This study concerns fertigation using organic manure as an alternative of mineral fertilizers and its effect on drip irrigation system performance and sesame yield productivity. Field experiments were conducted during two consecutive growing seasons in split plot design at the National Research Center farm, Nubaria area, Behura Governorate, Egypt. Experiments investigated the effect of two emitter types on-line emitter and built-in emitter ; three rates of irrigation 50, 75; 100% of ETc (IR1, IR2; IR3 ); three levels of organic fertilizer(Poultry manure) 1, 2; 4 ton fed-1 (PM1, PM2; PM3) on sesame yield, water use efficiency (WUE) , fertilizer use efficiency (FUE) and emitter clogging ratio . The main results showed that, the highest and the lowest sesame yield (533and 146 kg fed-1.) was obtained with treatment on line emitter x IR2 x PM3 and built in emitter x IR1 x PM1, respectively. Maximum value of WUE was 0.307 kg seeds / m-3 of irrigation water as recorded with the treatment on line emitter x IR2 x PM3, while the minimum value was 0.1 kg seeds / m-3 of irrigation water as recorded with the treatment built in emitter x IR3 x PM1. Maximum value of FUE in kg seeds kg-1 organic fertilizer was 0.39 and the minimum ones 0.074 in the following interactions between on line emitter x IR2 x PM1 and built in emitter x IR1 x PM3, respectively. Emitter clogging increased with increasing organic fertilizer application, and decreasing the irrigation treatments. The maximum and minimum values of clogging percent are (28.3 and 9.83) under the condition of (built in emitter x IR1 x PM3)and (on line emitter x IR3 x PM1), respectively.

Keywords: Sesame, fertigation, organic fertilizer, clogging, and sesame yield.



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