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August 2015 Vol. 4(8): pp. 415-424
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Performance of Automatic Control Drip Irrigation System and Farm Topography for Soil Moisture Distribution, Mung Bean Grain Yield and Water Productivity

1H.A., Mansour, 1Sabreen Kh. Pibars and 2V.F. Bralts


1WRFI Department, National Research Center (NRC), Giza, Egypt.

2ABE Dept., Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.

*Corresponding Author's Email:

Accepted 16 July, 2015



A field experiment was conducted at Abu-Ghalib Village, Giza Governorate, Egypt, Lt. 30o16.2" N and Ln. 30o 56.6" E with the aim to study the effect of automation controller of drip irrigation system, different slopes conditions, different Field capacities on soil moisture distribution patterns, water amounts and mung bean (Vigna Radiate L.) yield. Under automation controller drip irrigation system, three irrigation rates 60, 80, and 100 from the field capacity and two land slopes 0% and 5 % conditions were selected for the study. Observations revealed that soil distributions patterns were affected significantly by the different field capacities according to the following order: 100% FC > 80% FC > 60% FC. Whereas could be arrange the slopes order to 0 % < 5% and the effect on soil distributions patterns were not significant. The interactions of field capacities and slopes were significant. Finally, it can be concluded to using the third field capacity of 60% FC because the treatment of with two slopes 0 and 5% water amount has been saved and it gave mung bean yield not different significantly with other treatments of field capacities.

Keywords: Automation controller, drip irrigation, slopes, field capacity, soil moisture distribution, water, Mung bean yield.




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