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August 2016 Vol. 5(8): pp. 332-338
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Effect of seed weight and salinity on the germination of Garden orache (Atriplex hortensis L.)

S. Sai Kachout*1, A. Ennajah1, R. Mechergui1, A. Ben Mansoura1, Z. Ouerghi2 and N. Karray Bouraoui2


1Institut National de Recherche en Génie Rural, Eaux et Forêts, 10 Avenue Hédi Karray, Ariana  2080, Tunis, Tunisia

2Faculté des Sciences de Tunis, Campus Universitaire, Tunis 1060, Tunisia


Accepted 22 April, 2016



Garden orache (Atriplex hortensis L.), a halophytic forb in the family Chenopodiaceae, is well adapted to dry saline habitats. Here, we present the results of the effect of salinity and seed weight on seed germination, radicle emergence of Atriplex hortensis. Highest germination percentages were obtained under non-saline conditions and increases in salinity inhibited seed germination, with less than 50% of the seeds germinating at 260 mM NaCl. Seeds of Atriplex hortensis exhibited a very pronounced morphological and physiological seed poly­morphism. Seed weight varied from 0.11 to 0.19 g. Large seeds had a mean dry weight of 0.19 mg and a mean length of 2.6 mm; medium seeds, mean dry weight of 0.15 mg and mean length of 1.9 mm; small seeds, mean dry weight of 0.11 mg and mean length of 1.1 mm. Seedling dry weight was related to initial seed size. The degree of salt tolerance increased progressively with increasing seed dry weight. Radicle elongation was increased by low salinity and it decreased with an increase in salinity. Based on the observations, it is inferred that the germination percentage of large seed size class of A. hortensis was highest compared to small seed size class. the seed size is an important factor that influences the germination under normal as well as salinity stress conditions.

Keywords: Annual Atriplex, salinity, germination, seed weight.




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