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September 2014 Vol. 3(9): pp. 304-309
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Helminthosis in Livestock Slaughtered in Dei-Dei Abattoir, F.C.T Abuja

Dantanko Hadiza and Idris Halima S.


Department of Biological Sciences, University of Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria

*Corresponding author: Email:;

Tel: 08036796023.

Accepted 19 September, 2014



A survey of helminthes parasites associated with 1002 goats and sheep slaughtered at Dei-Dei abattoir was carried out between the months of September 2012 to March 2013. Six different parasites species were encountered with their prevalence namely, Taenia sp. (119; 11.88%), Ascaris sp. (118; 11.78%)Hookworm (179; 17.86%), Trichostrogylus (103; 10.28%), Hymenlopsis sp. (18; 1.80%) and Trichiuris sp. (15; 1.50%). A total of 552 animals (55.09%) infected. Out of the 552 positive cases 266 (48.19%) were sheep and 286 (51.81%) were goats and173 (31.34%) were male and 379 (68.66%) were females. There was no statistical significant relationship (P >0.05) between infection and type of animal slaughtered. However, there was significant statistical relationship (P <0.05) between infection and sex of animal slaughtered, with females having a higher infection rate than males. There was also significant statistical relationship (P <0.05) between infection and age of animal slaughtered. There was also significant statistical relationship (P <0.05) between infection and the month which the animals were slaughtered. 

Keywords: Helminthosis, Livestock Slaughtered, Abattoir.


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