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September 2018 Vol. 7(9): pp. 311-317
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Systematic Review

A Law's Impact on Rural Life: A Case Analyze From Turkey

Bulent  Gulcubuk


Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture, Dept. of Agricultural Economics

*Corresponding Author's Email:

Accepted 05 September, 2018



A law has come into effect on 6 December 2012 in Turkey. The short title of the law is “Law on Metropolitan Municipality, No 6360.” The law has made important changes in public administration in Turkey. First of all, the legal entity of provincial special administrations, provincial general assembly and villages was abolished in the cities that are governed by a metropolitan municipality. The border of municipality merges with civilian administration. As a result, “metropolitan” has become “whole city." The law changes cities with over 750.000 people into Metropolitan municipalities. Small municipalities, which were in force in towns, merge with districts in these cities with metropolitan municipalities. By this change in legislation, the legal entity of about 1600 small municipalities in towns and over 16.000 villages, provincial special administrations and provincial general assemblies in 30 cities were abolished in the country. As a result, the rural population has decreased from 24% to 8.0% overnight in Turkey. In other words, the rural population has been urbanized and become part of urban population. The law poses a real threat to agriculture and rural areas. On the one hand, people in rural areas, farmers, on the other hand, agricultural fields and natural sources are under threat. What this Metropolitan Municipality Law will bring to Turkey is important for our common future. In this study, I will analyze and have an analytic discussion on “Metropolitan Municipality Law”, which came into effect overnight and without participation, in terms of changes in rural population composition, common immovable, properties, administrative structure, democratic local government, the structure of use of natural source and the cost of life in rural areas and so on.Because this law decreased rural population in term of administrative aspect. This law increases cost in agricultural production and rural life. If this law comes into effect as it is, there will be a difficult and high-cost period for agriculture and rural in Turkey. This law, which passed from the Parliament without consulting local people, affects the values of local, the future of natural sources, the right of property, land-water for rural people, the style of socio-economic life. The law, which ignores participation and governance, led to many problems and continued to lead to problems. In this study, I will analyze and discuss all these issues in an analytical manner.

Keywords: Law on Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey, Rural Life. 






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