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Effect of Different Spacing intervals on the Growth and Yield of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Mubi, Adamawa State

*Belel M.D and I Julde1


Department of Horticultural Technology, Federal Polytechnic, Mubi

*Corresponding Author's Email:

Accepted 02 September, 2018



Improved white maize is one of the important cereal crops in Nigeria. There is little information on the optimum spacing intervals of improved white maize for optimum growth and yield in Nigeria.  Field experiment was conducted at the students’ practical farm, of the Department of Agriculture Technology, Federal Polytechnic Mubi in during the 2013 cropping season, to assess the effects of different spacing intervals on growth and yield of maize). The field design was a randomized complete block design (RCBD) replicated three (3) times. Treatments  consisted of three (3) different spacing intervals viz: 60 × 30cm, 60 × 40cm and 60 × 50cm. Data  were collected on the growth and yield  parameter are were analyzed. The result indicated a significant effect (P≤ 0.05) of spacing on plant height at eight weeks after sowing (8 WAS), stem diameter at 2WAS, days to first tasselling and number of cobs per plot. There was no effect of spacing o the yield of maize. Yield increase with increase in spacing, Spacing interval measuring 60× 50cm recorded a yield of 4, 622 kg ha-1, while the spacing intervals 60×30 and 60×40 recorded yields of 3,688 kg ha-1 and 4177 kg ha-1 respectively. Despite non-significant difference in yield, the spacing 60×50 cm is recommended for adoption by farmers of maize in the study area.

Keywords: Spacing, Population, Growth, Yield, Maize.







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