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August 2012 Vol. 1(1), pp 005-007

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Evaluation of vitamin C and E levels in Nigerians with mycobacterium tuberclosis

Nnodim Johnkennedy1*, Ihim Augustin2 and Nwobodo Emmanuel Ikechukwu3

1Department of medical laboratory science, faculty of health science, Imo State University owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

2Department of medical laboratory Science, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi campus, Anambra state, Nigeria.

3ThankGod medical laboratories Ihiala Anambra State.

*Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 30 May 2012


The vitamin C and E levels in Mycobacterium tuberclosis patients attending General Hospital Owerri, Nigeria were evaluated.Seventy confirmed tuberclosis patients ages 20-50 years were selected. Seventy normal subjects ages 20-50 years free from tuberclosis were used as control. Patients with complications such as renal disease and HIV Positive were excluded. The levels of plasma Vitamin C and E in tuberclosis were significantly decreased (54.91± 7.31mmo/l and 9.14± 2.83mgldl respectively) when compared with the control (76.29± 9.10mmol/l and 12.13± 1.54mg/dl) (P< 0.05). The results obtained show that plasma vitamin C and E are depleted in Mycobacteria tuberclosis patients.Hence, there could be an immense benefit in eating fruits and vegetable rich in vitamin C and E.

Keywords: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Mycobacteria tuberclosis



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