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January 2019 Vol. 1(1): pp. 001-010
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Systematic Review


Corporate Governance Practices in Banking and Insurance: A Comparative Study of Companies Listed on Tadawul Stock Exchange.

Ms. Elham Qawariri

Faculty of Law In Jazan University College of Business Administrative – department of law


Accepted 15 January, 2019



Corporate Governance can be defined as a framework that determines the rights and responsibilities of the various business participants, such as the board of directors, managers, stakeholders and other shareholders in any business unit. The corporate governance practices help companies in gaining highest position in the markets, increasing their strength and enhancing the performance levels which reflect on the strong economy and wellbeing of the companies.

Keywords:  Banking and Insurance, Stock Exchange.





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Profile of Companies Listed on Tadawul Stock Exchange directory/company-details




  1. Questionnaire for Employees


  1. Questionnaire for Customers



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