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December 2017 Vol. 5(1), pp. 008-019
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Full Length Research Paper

Economic important of Electronic money

Al SiddigTalha Mohmed Rahma 

National Ribat University (SUDAN)


Accepted 5 December 2017


Electronic money is one of the innovations created by technological advances. Electronic money in various forms will raise a number of legal and regulatory issues to be addressed. This includes finding a range of acceptable methods for documenting and protecting information. The aim of this paper is to clarify the most important issues raised by electronic money and to present some policies concerning the legal and regulatory controls of such money. Chapter I of this paper presents the various definitions of electronic money, its characteristics and its various forms. The second chapter, we devoted to discuss the most important legal and security risks resulting from the issuance and handling of electronic money. In chapter III, we have proposed some legal controls that need to be taken into account when developing electronic legal legislation on electronic money.

Keywords: electronic money.



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