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April 2016 Vol. 4(2), pp. 015-024
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Full Length Research Paper

Impact of Power Sector Reforms on Small Scale Businesses in Cross River State, Nigeria

 James Tumba Henry2, Augustine Ele Asor3Ndem Ndiyo1


1 Department of Economics, University of Calabar Cross River State - Nigeria


Accepted 22 March 2016



This paper gives an overview of the Nigerian power sector and particularly focused on the impact of the power sector reform on small scale businesses in Cross River State. The data generated through the use of structured questionnaire was subjected to descriptive analysis using simple percentages. Thus, it was found that the major challenge confronting small scale businesses in Cross River State is inadequate supply of electricity affecting their business operation and profit. It was also discovered that electricity supply has been relatively good compared to what it was before the reform. However, more improvement is required as most of these small scale businesses still depend on generators to augment their electricity requirement. Conclusively, it was recommended that Cross River State government should take the issue of electricity very serious by constructing more dams and thermal stations to boost the existing supply and above all establish a monitoring team to check the excesses of this distribution company to avoid unnecessary exploitation of the consumers, while recommending education of power users to avoid wastage that may also eat deep into their profits.

Keywords: Small Scale Businesses, National grid, Nigerian power sector, Cross River State, power reform, NIPP, Power Supply. 

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