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January 2013, 2(1): pp. 015-019

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Integrating on-line learning into traditional Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programmes: challenges and pedagogical implications in Sub Saharan Universities

Rittah Kasowe and Stephen Mwenje

Med EAPPS (ZOU), Bed.EAPPS)(UZ), CE (Morgan ZINTEC), Cert. IPMZ(IPMZ) Lecturer :Zimbabwe Open University

MedEAPPS(ZOU), Bed.EAPPS(UZ), Quality Assurance Coordinator Zimbabwe Open University

*Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 14 January, 2013


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development has helped Open and Distance Learning (ODL) universities worldwide reach out to many global students through on line programmes. Many ODL institutions in developed countries have registered success in their on-line programmes. In Africa integrating on line learning into existing traditional programmes has lagged behind. It is therefore critical to find out how best on- line programmes can be effectively integrated into existing traditional programmes. It is also critical to identify ways not to affect the integrity of successful programmes currently being offered through traditional modes. This paper seeks to investigate the views of stratified randomly selected students; tutors’ and former students on how best to implement on-line learning into traditional ODL programmes at the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) Data will be gathered through interviews and questionnaires. The findings of this study shall provide answers to the challenges emanating from staffs and students’ ICT skills   

Keywords: E-learningonline learning



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